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Jan 18, 2022
Jamie Knight

Jamie Knight Verified Client

Yoga Loft
My instructor was great!! Betty was so sweet and clearly knew her stuff! I felt welcomed in as soon as I got there and I liked that Betty had everything set up for us ahead of time:) Since it was my first class, I really appreciated that!! Also super clean and cute space!!
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Jan 14, 2022
Paola Culebro

Paola Culebro Verified Client

Yoga Loft
Very qualified and professional instructors!
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Dec 13, 2021
Maddy Land

Maddy Land Verified Client

Yoga Loft
this has really been *my* studio for the last six months and i find so much joy in looking forward to going to class. love the location it is set in and having a tea place across is a plus. i love bouncing back and forth between johnnie’s classes (love the way she walks you through it + that she’s not shy to help in adjusting you and giving great alternative moves to make it really inclusive for everybody) and tracey’s power yoga (her classes are challenging + i love the pilates feel it has, always feel sore and pleased by the end of it, she really knows how to push you!) just love what this studio brings! Thank you, Yoga Loft
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Dec 03, 2021
Mark Homeyer

Mark Homeyer Verified Client

Yoga Loft
Had a great practice with Jeanine. She offered some lovely and unique sequences.
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Nov 07, 2021
Valeria Ramos

Valeria Ramos Verified Client

Yoga Loft
Oct 12, 2021
Katie Henry

Katie Henry Verified Client

Yoga Loft
I just moved here from Oregon and I was missing my yoga studio, but I feel like I found it here at Yoga Loft. I felt welcomed and comfortable as soon as I set my mat down. The flow was challenging yet soothing and I look forward to my next class here.
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Colleen McHenry Oct 13, 2021
Business Owner
Welcome to Yoga Loft Katie. We are happy to have you.
Sep 22, 2021
Jeanine Morocco

Jeanine Morocco Verified Client

Yoga Loft
The Power and Grace class with Tracy is a MUST! Loved everything about it.
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Sep 08, 2021
Lori Patterson

Lori Patterson Verified Client

Yoga Loft
This is the Yoga Loft, I have chosen to be my place for strength and growth, right into my retirement years It took me over two years, to find a place where I can continue my journey of good health.. hopefully into my nineties Thank you, Colleen and my Monday/Wednesday/weekend instructors !!) #1 (my coworkers are joining to look good too lol)
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Aug 22, 2021
Briana Santos

Briana Santos Verified Client

Yoga Loft
I took the community class in ybor museum garden on Saturday with Karen and it was fantastic. Uplifting, challenging, and filled with good vibes! I’ll go back as much as I can!
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Aug 14, 2021
Ghattas El Bassit

Ghattas El Bassit Verified Client

Yoga Loft
Love the yoga loft. The owner Colleen is just amazing and the teachers are all just great.
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